Geoform Book Table
This project is a study in composing a dynamic geometric form with only ninety degree angles and flat planes.
The form serves as a table for one book, presenting it. It is constructed from a single board of poplar.
Soft Maple Salad Tongs
A study in creating an elegant form comprised of fair curves and an ergonomic tool for serving salad.
Milk Bottle
This is the result of playful experimentation with the form of a milk bottle. It has a folding 'pop top' spout.
If taken to production, this bottle would have a three-layer stainless steel body with a silicone spout. 
Simple Rubber Mechanisms
These were quick experiments in interaction between the hand and rubber band mechanisms.
Crocodile Head
Made entirely from recycled plastic bottles and mechanical fasteners. Through studying crocodile anatomy and recreating it out of existing plastic forms, this project taught me to analyze biological and artificial forms.
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