Construction Junction Research
In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, there is a garage sale that will never end. If a piece of furniture has outstayed its welcome in your home, you can give it to Construction Junction, a store that will sell your old, worn, and out-of-fashion objects at an accessible price.
In 2019, I conducted design research at the store with a group, using strategies learned in our Research Methods course. After visiting and observing, we designed a cultural probe to place in the entrance/exit, which asked customers to write postcards to the objects that caught their interest. In analysis, we placed the responses on a graph with a positive/negative axis and a practicality/emotion axis. We found a large correlation between the emotional expression of the letter/drawing and a person's decision to buy the object. We followed this up by interviewing people about why they shop at Construction Junction and analyzing their responses with an affinity map. 
Our research findings combined with the known difficulty of locating objects amid CJ's haphazard organization system led to our design intervention– displaying objects with stories of their past lives, and staging themed showrooms with tags that point customers to each area of the store.

Cultural Probe
Analysis of Cultural Probe Results
Affinity Diagram of Interview Results
Summary and Design Proposal
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